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Honda markets luxury versions of its own range through the Acura brand. The Japanese company introduced this premium wing in 1986 initially for the US market. Over the years since the Japanese automaker has experimented with other regions including Mexico and Kuwait.

Acura Error Codes

When Alfa Romeo was originally established in 1906 it would take another 4 years before they would produce their first model: the 24HP. The company then went on to make a huge name for itself in motorsport and by the mid-1980s it had merged with Lancia and Fiat.

Alfa Romeo Error Codes

Audi is a luxury/premium brand operated by massive German automaker Volkswagen. It did have a long (100+ years) history before being acquired by VW where it changed hands and underwent huge changes in what it produced but was always involved with automobile manufacturer.

Audi Error Codes

BMW has traditionally been known for its premium sedans but over the course of the last few decades has branched out into SUVs. The company started out life as a manufacturer of aircraft engines as seen in its logo - the company is also known for its high-end motorcycles too.

BMW Error Codes

Buick was formed at the very end of the 19th century and led to the creation of General Motors. Buick is known for its premium models typically using Chevrolet/Cadillac technology with a premium finish and improved standard features.

Buick Error Codes

Cadillac is the upper-level luxury brand operated by General Motors just above its sibling Buick. It has many heritage lines that have been running since the mid-1900s. The name Cadillac is now synonymous with luxury as well as performance cars such as the CTS-V.

Cadillac Error Codes

Building on his successes in motor racing, Louis Chevrolet took his engineering skills and launched an automobile manufacturer under his surname. The company was formed in 1911 and by 1918 General Motors had acquired it for its mid-price automobile brand.

Chevrolet Error Codes

Chrysler has had many successes including the acquisiition of Jeep and launching many popular lines such as the 300 and PT Cruiser. Chrysler was itself acquired in 2014 by Fiat and rolled into the Stellantis umbrella of automakers in 2020.

Chrysler Error Codes

The French automaker Citroën has seen many big successes in the motoring world thanks to its innovative founder André Citroën. André embraced big publicity stunts to help market his mass-produced cars and put France on the world stage of motoring.

Citroën Error Codes

Dacia started out with manufacturing aircraft but soon started to experiment with producing automobiles, initially just licensed versions of Renault models. The company went on to use Volkswagen-sourced designs before being bought out by Renault in the late 1990s.

Dacia Error Codes

Dodge was formed in 1900 by three brothers of the Dodge family that used their experiences in motorsport to create a domestic automobile. Due to several family tragedies over the next few decades the company lost its direction and was bought out by Chrysler.

Dodge Error Codes

Fiat was first formed in 1899 in Italy with production slow at first. By 1906 the company was producing over 1,000 cars per year but during the second world war, its efforts turned to weaponry. Post-war the company went from strength to strength and is now a huge worldwide name.

Fiat Error Codes

Ford and its founder Henry Ford are household names not just because of automobiles but also because of the innovations in manufacturing that were developed by the entrepreneur. In the 100+ years the company has been in operation it has acquired brands such as Lincoln.

Ford Error Codes

General Motors is a holding company that has brands such as Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac under its umbrella. The GMC does market some lines itself such as the Sierra which are slightly more premium than its Chevrolet counterparts.

GMC Error Codes

Japanese automaker Honda started out producing weaving looms but as the bottom of that market fell through diverse to other sectors. Honda is now known for its automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft and engines - with its image centering around reliability.

Honda Error Codes

The Hyundai Motor Company was launched by the parent company Hyundai in the mid-1960s. It started out producing Ford models under license such as the Cortina. Hyundai then launched their own budget models in the 1970s using Mitsubishi engines.

Hyundai Error Codes

Nissan introduced the Infiniti luxury cars brand to the North American market in 1989, just after Honda and Toyota did the same thing. This new brand was intended for marketing their existing lines but with an improved level of comfort and standard features.

Infiniti Error Codes

Jaguar was originally used as a model name before being adopted as an overall brand name in the 1940s. The brand was then used for luxury automobiles, a trend that has continued to this day - offering high levels of comfort along with high-performance enignes.

Jaguar Error Codes

The word Jeep has become associated with smaller offroad capable automobiles due to their successes during the second world war. This popularity led to demand and so automaker Willys introduced the models to domestic buyers and the rest is history.

Jeep Error Codes

South Korean firm Kia started out life as a manufacturer of parts for pushbikes. They then moved into making automobile parts and then models of their own. Financial difficulties in the 1990s forced the company to put itself up for sale and so Hyundai bought them out.

Kia Error Codes

Land Rover originally started out as the name for a single model created by British automaker Rover. It was then spun off into its own brand along with the luxurious Range Rover before being owned by BMW, Ford and then finally Tata Motors.

Land Rover Error Codes

Toyota created the Lexus luxury automobile brand during the mid-1980s to launch a range of its own popular models with premium features. It was originally focused on the American market but quickly spread across the world due to its popularity.

Lexus Error Codes

Lincoln started out life founded by same people who founded Cadillac and was then bought out by American behemoth Ford Motor Company. Ford went on to use it as its higher-end luxury brand, sharing many platforms between the companies but with differing finishes.

Lincoln Error Codes

Mazda initially produced small vehicles like rickshaws when first launched in the 1930s, after operating as a cork supplier for around a decade before that. Ever since then the company has grown substantially with a more "sporty" image while embracing the rarely used Wankel engine.

Mazda Error Codes

Mercedes Benz is said to be the first company to produce and sell an internal-combustion engine-driven vehicle during the late 1800s. Since then the company has made a name for itself in luxury motoring with a wide range of lines now on sale.

Mercedes Benz Error Codes

Mercury was formed by Henry Ford's son as an upper-mid price range brand for his father's company Ford. It was run closely with premium brand Lincoln, sharing many of the same dealerships until it was disbanded in 2010 during a shakeup of the US motoring industry.

Mercury Error Codes

Mini started out life as a model and then its own brand of tiny low-cost automobiles during the 1960s. It was a style icon of the 1960s but after that peak decade for the company, it struggled to evolve. It was bought up by BMW who revived the image for the modern day.

Mini Error Codes

Mitsubishi Motors is part of the massive Mitsubishi Group that engages in many other fields of industry. This car manufacturer has a diverse range of lines and in recent years works closely with Renault/Nissan/Samsung, sharing technology and resources among the group.

Mitsubishi Error Codes

Nissan offers a wide range of automobile lines and are known for its reliability and value for money. They were once the best-selling Japanese automobile brand in Europe and are now in a strategic partnership with Renault, Mitsubishi and Samsung.

Nissan Error Codes

Opel is a German automobile manufacturer that is owned by General Motors. It operates in the UK under the name Vauxhall which was also bought out by GM in 1925. Both firms market mid-price models across a wide variety of lines on platforms shared across many brands.

Opel/Vauxhall Error Codes

French motoring firm Peugeot dates all the way back to the early 1800s. The company started making metal-based goods before moving onto bicycles, motorcycles and then finally producing one of the first commercially available cars in the late 1800s.

Peugeot Error Codes

Pontiac ran as a performance car company from 1926 through to 2010. It was owned and operated by General Motors with notable models such as the Trans Am that had huge fame in movies and television shows. Shifting away from its core image it lost audiences quickly and sales plummeted.

Pontiac Error Codes

Porsche was traditionally associated with 2-seat sports cars up until the late-1990s when the company took a different approach. They launched a crossover SUV based on its parent company Volkswagen's Touareg which ended up saving the struggling brand.

Porsche Error Codes

Renault is a French automobile manufacturer that today works closely with Nissan and Samsung. It started life in 1899 with its first model called the 1CV and a series of motorsport successes would help get the Renault name out to the public and seal its success.

Renault Error Codes

Saab was a successful Swedish automobile manufacturer that cause a huge storm during the 1970s with its slew of innovative new features and wild designs. General Motors bought the company and ran it for several decades before shutting it down in 2010 due to money issues.

Saab Error Codes

SEAT was formed by the Spanish government as a way to produce both jobs and affordable cars for its people. It made Fiats and Volkswagens under license before being acquired by VW during the 1990s and used as their stylish yet affordable brand going forward.

SEAT Error Codes

Skoda is a Czech automaker that traditionally made models under license from other automakers such as Volkswagen. VW ended up buying the company during the 1990s and went on to use it as a budget brand that sees tremendous sales in Europe and to the east.

Škoda Error Codes

Domestically Subaru is known for its popular Kei (tiny) cars in Japan. Elsewhere in the world, the brand is seen for its performance-centric image thanks to successes in motorsports. Subaru embraces this with special edition models of its Impreza and Legacy lines.

Subaru Error Codes

Suzuki is a manufacturer of small automobiles and motorcycles, based in Japan the company has been in operation since 1909. They started out in weaving looms at the turn of the 20th century, a bustling industry for Japan for the next few decades.

Suzuki Error Codes

Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer with a wide range of lines including subcompact cars, SUVs and supercars. The company is a leader in alternative fuel-driving vehicles with a large number of patents under its control and models such as the Prius changing the world.

Toyota Error Codes

Volkswagen is possibly the world's biggest automobile manufacturer with a large number of brands operating underneath it. During the 1990s the company went on a spending spree and acquired names such as Skoda, SEAT, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

Volkswagen Error Codes

Swedish automaker Volvo is known for its reliable and safe family car models. They have been in operation since the 1920s and are also a big name in the world of trucks and buses. The Volvo Cars wing of the company was spun off to Ford in 1999.

Volvo Error Codes