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U0001 Fault Code

You can find information about the U0001 fault code on this page.

We have given it a seriousness of 9/10 with 1 being the least serious and 10 being the worst.

U0001 Short Description

"High Speed CAN Communication Bus"

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Fault code U0001 is a network/communication code that is logged when the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected an issue with the high-speed control area network (CAN) communication bus.

The CAN bus is the central network for the relaying of data and signals between the various control modules and onboard electronics. This is due to the huge complexity of modern vehicles and their onboard systems.

This code broadly indicates that there is something wrong with this system. This can make it a hugely extensive process to pinpoint the problem.

Because of the high complexity of modern vehicles, this fault code can come up quite often and affect many manufacturers. Among these, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, and Volkswagen are some of the most commonly associated with this code.

Warnings Icon Other Signs of This Problem

The CAN bus is a very important system onboard modern vehicles. This can mean there are some very noticeable symptoms when it comes to this type of fault code.

The most obvious sign will be the presence of the Check Engine light on the dashboard.

The vehicle will also typically behave somewhat erratically. This can include requiring multiple attempts to start it.

Another common issue is the engine turning off unexpectedly as vital systems cannot function properly.

There may be other similar fault codes that can give information about the problem. Look out for U0002, which indicates a performance issue with the same system. Codes U0002 to U0008 can help pinpoint where there is an electrical fault.

Broken Down Icon What Could Be The Problem?

Because the CAN bus is an electrical system, the main cause of these types of problems will be electrical in nature.

Electrical issues within the CAN bus circuit can cause this problem very easily. Again, look for codes like U0002 to U0008 which can indicate which terminal is faulty.

It is also possible that a faulty battery may be the cause as it does not supply enough voltage to power the electronics properly.

In some cases, faulty control modules can be the cause. Most modern vehicles have multiple control modules that need to be assessed.

Fixed Icon Fixes

Fixing this issue can require some extensive electronic skill to even pinpoint the issue. This is a result of the complexity of modern vehicles’ onboard electrical systems.

Anything that is causing a short or open circuit in the CAN bus circuit must be fixed.

Electrical faults like damaged wires or loose connections can be the cause of this problem. Each terminal of the CAN bus circuit needs to be checked and fixed accordingly.

Similarly, the circuits for each control module should be checked, particularly the wiring to the high-speed CAN bus.

The battery needs to be checked. A faulty battery should be replaced. Additionally, the battery terminals need to be checked for corrosion. These can be cleaned or replaced accordingly.

Danger Icon Seriousness

Fault code U0001 is considered a serious problem. It can have huge implications for the driveability and operation of the vehicle because the various control modules will be unable to communicate.

It is recommended to have this issue be fixed immediately.

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